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How to Produce Herbal Product

1) Sourcing botanicals and raw materials identifying

2) Reception after lab testing

3) Selection of herbs and washing

4) Grinding raw herbs

5) Extraction, separation and purifying

6) Filtrating and concentration the herbal product from last step

7) Spray drying and granule producing

8) Lab testing and confirming

9) Packing and labeling


The technology study of standardized granules based on the preparation of decoction suggests that extracting with water is the main method. Different kinds of extracting methods like decocting, dynamic and warm immersing, ultrasonic extracing and distilling through water vapour are selected according to different types of roots, haulms, blooms, fruits, seeds, entire grass materials. For the liposoluble ingredients with proved efficacy on human health, ethanol extraction, circumfluence, supercritical CO2 extraction are applied on the base of extracing with water. Superfine comminution is used for the traditional powdered herbal product.

Analytical technologies of chromatogram and spectrum analysis etc were used on the research and set-up of the quality standard system of these hundreds kinds of standardized TCM herbal granules. Strict quality control system is applied on the practical production line from the initial raw herbs, semifinished products to final products. This has solved the big technical puzzle on the truth and effect consistency of our concentrated herbal granules.

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